Edgy Geek: Fashion guide for those who dress like a Villainess, not a Princess!

Photo credit: RockLove Jewelry

Photo credit: RockLove Jewelry

Written by Allison Cimino:

Hi guys! Allison Cimino of RockLove Jewelry here. For those who follow my social media or have seen me speak on Comic Con panels, you'll know that I have a very specific aesthetic. There has been an explosion of fandom fashion on the scene — the makers are true fans and their products shine with creativity and sincerity. But what if, like me, you dress more like a Disney Villain rather than a Disney Princess? Here are this bad girl's top six geeky products to "sleigh" this holiday season — and don't underestimate the importance of body language!

Espionage Cosmetics

Maker: Jaimie Cordero & her team of Nerd Misfits

I wear a lot of black clothing so to contrast, I enjoy a bit of color in my manicure. As a jeweler, my hands are ragged, but before a big meeting or special occasion, I like to polish my look with a nice set of claws. Espionage nail wraps are simple and inexpensive, and because they are easy to apply yourself, you don't waste time and cost going to a salon. Even better, if I ruin them a few days later with jewelry tools, I don't feel guilty — they were only ten bucks!

In my Shopping Cart: Amethyst nail wraps

Sent From Mars

Maker: Mari Ruiz

When you are working hard, be it running a kingdom or a fashion empire, a uniform reserves your energy for the important stuff. A simple wardrobe keeps you sane, and acts as a blank canvas to feature statement shoes, jackets, jewelry, and handbags. Sent From Mars has some insanely fun geeky bags that will have people stopping you on the street for compliments.

Gifting to my Bestie: Take the World by Storm purse

Cat Coven

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Maker: Kjersti Faret

Black and witchy, I have been collecting Cat Coven patches and pins for a few years now — nearly every jacket I own has a little bit of Brooklyn-based artist Kjersti's flair. Edgy and fabulous, a bad-ass geek girl knows what she wants in life and will stop at nothing to get it...there's a reason Maleficent sounds like Magnificent!

Make Your Own Magic: Pins


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Maker: Jordan Ellis

Remember when I said that a simple wardrobe lends to statement accessories and empire-growing? Jordan's tops are a substantial part of my studio wear. The colors are desaturated and the quotes inspirational...literal reminders to persist, to experience, to reach. More than ever this new year, lets "Rebel."

Pick any Item for Yourself with this Quote: "I Rebel"

Geek Girl Gang

Maker: Meli Lovio Sanchez

The '90s are in y'all and this is the ONLY white shirt in my wardrobe. Soft and flattering, nothing says cool-girl like a casual "I'm not trying to impress you" tee...you've got world domination on the brain, you don't need to spend thirty minutes in your closet. I twist the tail of mine into a knot or tuck it into high-waisted black jeans.

Already on my Body: 90s Ringer

Elhoffer Design

Maker: Catherine Elhoffer

I'll take one of everything in black or grey. Nothing says drama like a cape or shawl — throw one side artfully over your shoulder and pair with black motorcycle boots — you will feel ready to take on the world! Villains don't apologize for being who they are, and fashion can help you channel a get-it-done attitude. I love you, Edna Mode, but if it's black, YES TO CAPES.

Need it on my Body: Galactic Mentor Cape

Six female makers who know what it means to work hard and get it done! Whether you are holiday shopping or planning your "New Year New You" — consider adding a little Villainess to your wardrobe. Be unapologetically true to yourself and your goals, make your own magic, and when it comes to following your dreams, remember that "All Ways Here are My Way!"

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