Holiday Gift Guide: 6 ideas for Star Wars fans who love porgs

Star Wars fans have been eager to see porgs in action ever since they first glimpsed the new creatures in the lead up to The Last Jedi. This past weekend they were finally able to do so when the new entry in the franchise arrived in theaters! Considering porgs’ popularity before fans even saw the movie, the amount of porg fans is probably only going to increase now that the film is out.

If you know a Star Wars fan who can’t stop talking about porgs or you suspect someone is going to become smitten once they see the film, why not get them a gift that can let them show their love for the birds in their fashion? Unsurprisingly, the birds have inspired a whole range of merchandise including shirts, bags, and more.

Here are six fashion ideas you can get a porg-loving Star Wars fan!

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Star Wars Porg Cufflinks

For the fan who wants a subtle yet stylish way to incorporate porgs in their outfit, you should check out these cufflinks. The metal accessories simply show one porg on each, adding just the right touch of cute and geeky to any look.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi 3 Porg Moon T-Shirt

For an artsier take on porgs, this might be the shirt you’re looking for! It features Rey and BB-8 in the distance, and three of the creatures looking towards the Ahch-To moon with those big unforgettable eyes.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Porg Coin Purse

This little simulated leather coin purse might make you feel a bit like Chewbacca, with a porg nearby at all times! Don’t worry though. This porg will only make an appearance when you need some change.

Star Wars Chewbacca & Porg Ladies' T-Shirt - Grey, XL

Speaking of Chewbacca and porgs, this The Last Jedi shirt puts the two front and center. The casual top can be styled to work for any occasion. Chewbacca probably interacts with the porgs the most in the film, so it makes perfect sense for him to join porgs on some merchandise!

Star Wars Porg Back Buddy

For anyone who wants to be a little more obvious about porgs, there’s this back buddy. What better way to carry around everything you need than a giant porg!

Her Universe Star Wars: The Last Jedi Flocked Porg Girls Ringer T-Shirt Plus Size

This plus size shirt embraces the subtler side of porg fashion compared to the back buddy. The ringer tee has a porg printed on the left side of the chest and that’s it, offering a comfortable and not so in-your-face way to include the creatures in your style.

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