Litographs partners with artists to reimagine classic books for new collection

Photo credit: Litographs

Photo credit: Litographs

Litographs allows readers to wear the words from the pages of their favorite books with their range of products. From T-shirts to scarves, you can incorporate books like The Great Gatsby, The Princess Bride, and even On the Origin of Species into your wardrobe in a unique, stylish way. Now with a new collection, Litographs is expanding their offerings with products that go beyond the text look with the help of some amazing artists.

The collection is called Litographs Originals and reimagines 12 books with the help of 12 different artists.

“The major motivation for Litographs Originals was the ability to prioritize producing the best piece of art for each book without limitations,” Litographs’ Head of Community Jack Neary told GeekFold in an email interview. “Whereas text-based designs require a certain style, this new collection allowed us to select artists with styles that range from comic book panels to fine art credentials and trust them to interpret their favorite book in a beautiful and unique way.”

The company has been working on the collection since the start of the year. It includes shirts and tote bags inspired by the books. The 12 books include classics like Little Women, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and Fahrenheit 451. Neary said they left the choice of books up to the artists.

“We wanted them to design a book they had a connection with, and it shows through the amazing work that came out of this assignment,” he said. “It's great to have a mix of classics like Pride and Prejudice as well as some titles we haven't worked on before like 1984.”

Photo credit: Litographs

Photo credit: Litographs

Each artist shares their connection to the book on the product page for their item. The artists have had their work appear in various places like The New Yorker and The New York Times. Creative director Benjy Brooke, who Neary said put together the group of artists, said in a statement that he’s not only a big fan of the artists but “wanted to work with these artists because they all have a great sense of story in their illustration work.”

“They’re specifically editorial illustrators whose job is to illustrate for a story you’d typically publish in magazines and newspapers. They’ve made careers out of interpreting a text and creating an image that encapsulates all the complexities of that narrative,” he said. “They all have distinct careers that set them apart, but it’s this narrative aspect of their drawing styles that connects all of them. They can tell a story through a single image, and I admire that as an illustrator, to be able to capture so much emotion, character, and personality in a single image.”

The collection most likely won't stop with these 12 designs. According to Neary, they are open to expanding it in the future with the help of these artists and new ones.

“No plans at the moment, but next year will likely bring new titles,” he said.

The collection is expected to ship Sept. 15. You can see all the designs on Litographs’ website.

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