Review: Jamberry’s new Star Wars nail wraps

Photo by Lisa Granshaw

Photo by Lisa Granshaw

By Lisa Granshaw

The Force is strong with Star Wars fashion. There have been a number of fun, stylish releases over the last year with more arriving as the premiere of The Last Jedi continues to come closer. A lot of new products made their debut around Force Friday II, including a new 14-piece Star Wars nail wraps collection by Jamberry.

Each set of nail wraps, including the two junior sizes, cost $18. They feature familiar characters, images, and phrases from the franchise translated to colorful designs. I was able to take a closer look at five of the wraps (disclosure: nail wraps provided by Jamberry for review) to give them a try and see if they look as good as they do online. I tested Dark Vs. Light, Galactic Unrest, Imperial Assault, R2-D2, and Rebel Princess, all of which looked great in person. My big test with nail wraps is usually if they can last for at least a week. If they can do that, I’m happy. I have small, short nails and in my experience with nail wraps that often makes it hard to find ones that fit well and stay on for a long time.

With that in mind, I eagerly tried wraps from each of the designs so both my hands were a mix of Star Wars! I’ve only tried Jamberry once before, so I took my time with the process of putting them on. Someone with more experience might be able to move quicker. You can find instructions for applying the wraps on Jamberry’s website. The instructions are easy to follow and I didn’t have any real difficulty in putting on the wraps. I used a blow dryer when applying mine, which worked well.

Photo by Lisa Granshaw

Photo by Lisa Granshaw

The main thing I noticed while applying these was that for my short nails, in particular the pinky nail, I started to get rather close to cutting into Princess Leia’s head on the Rebel Princess nail wraps. It never cut further than her hair and blaster for me, but keep in mind if you have short nails that it might start to cut into this design a bit. You’ll want to be careful which nails you apply it to. The first thing I tried once I was finished was the glow-in-the-dark wraps. I must admit, I was surprised by how well they worked! After being in the light for a while, the wraps will glow when you move to a dark space. The blue especially stands out really well.

After that, I waited to see how the wraps would hold up. As you might have guessed, I always have issues with the smaller of my short nails and so I was not surprised that this was the case here too. One pinky nail wrap unfortunately fell off the day after I put these on while the other pinky fell off five days later. The rest however lasted the week. There was some slight wear and tear visible on the tops of certain nails and two wraps where the sides started to rise up slightly, but otherwise the wraps held up with everything I was doing at work and at home. Just like with application, removal instructions are online too.

Overall I really liked the look of all these designs on my nails, especially the Dark Vs. Light design. I think they held up decently in the span of a week, though you will want to watch certain nails if they usually give you trouble with wraps. As always with nail wraps, I think everyone’s experience differs based on how often you’ve used wraps before, the size of your nails, and your expectations for how long you want them to last. By using these wraps more, I’ll hopefully move quicker with their application and find a way to get the wraps on my smaller nails to last longer. I may need to explore those junior sizes as an option in the future and consider using a top coat even though that’s not listed in the instructions.

For a week or even just a convention, I can definitely see myself wearing these nail wraps again!

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