Feel the Power of Three inside the Charmed: Box of Shadows subscription box

Credit: Charmed: Box of Shadows

Credit: Charmed: Box of Shadows


Charmed premiered 20 years ago on October 7, 1998. The WB series followed sisters who discovered they were not only witches, but the powerful Charmed Ones. They battled demons, protected the world, and tried to have somewhat normal lives along the way. The show earned a dedicated fanbase and now that such a milestone anniversary has arrived, there’s a brand new way fans can celebrate the show thanks to a subscription box called Charmed: Box of Shadows.

Charmed: Box of Shadows was created by the founders of FanMail Jenny Cheng and Rose Del Vecchio. FanMail was a bi-monthly subscription box including pop culture items created by fangirls. That box has now ended as Cheng and Del Vecchio have moved on to Charmed: Box of Shadows, a decision they made due to a few factors according to Cheng. Cheng told GeekFold one important element was how they saw boxes that focused on a specific fandom become more popular as there was a move away from general pop culture boxes.

Cheng and Del Vecchio approached CBS with the idea for this new box over a year ago.

“We wanted to do something for the 20th anniversary of Charmed specifically because we thought it was relevant and the new TV show was coming out as well. We just talked about it and they agreed to license a Charmed subscription box through us,” Cheng said. “We have a history with the TV show specifically. I remember watching it when I was very young and it being the first TV show, science fiction and fantasy TV show, I really loved. I have a lot of history with it personally and Rose does as well so it was a really good fit for us.”

Their first box is for October and has the theme of 20 years as a celebration of the show’s premiere anniversary. Cheng said they’ve been thinking about what to include in the box for a couple months and had a lot of ideas since 20 years is a general theme. This theme meant they could include “pretty much anything” and they’re excited about what’s inside. Cheng thinks people will like it since there hasn’t been much new stuff for Charmed released, though there have been a few new things due to the anniversary. She’s looking forward to seeing how people react to their first box.

The first 100 subscribers for this initial box will receive a pin stating “I am a Charmed One.” As for the other contents, the website describes what will be in each Box of Shadows as unique items like collectibles, home goods, and more. Geek fashion fans can expect something exciting in each box as well.

“We try to put, as we did in FanMail, things you can wear and use generally because we like items that people can find a use for and show off. You can look forward to apparel and accessories and jewelry and things like that,” she said.

CBS has to approve everything that goes in each box. Cheng described the company as easy to work with.

“They seem to like what we’re doing. It’s just another level of approval process, which just makes the whole process a little bit longer than we’re used to, but it’s definitely worth it to have their support,” she explained. “They recently posted about us on their social media that really helped us a lot. We want to continue these kinds of relationships with CBS and other networks to make other subscription boxes as well, but this is a really good starting point.”

While this initial box has the general theme of 20 years, other boxes will have slightly more specific themes. They will have some character as well as location focused boxes that people can look forward to. The topics though will remain broad enough so that the boxes can include a range of things and keep you guessing about what’s inside. Since the new show just started, boxes will just focus on the classic series. 

It will be fun to see what these boxes contain as Charmed is such a beloved series that has so much potential. As for FanMail, Cheng said right now they are juggling a few things and transitioning away from general subscription boxes, but there’s still things at FanMail to look forward to.

“We are planning to roll out some limited edition boxes which we’ve done in the past so we’re hoping to do more of that in the future,” Cheng said.

You can subscribe to a quarterly or annual Charmed: Box of Shadows plan on their website.

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