Gifts for Nerds, Made by Nerds

Written by Wendy Buske:

Hi, I’m Wendy Buske, co-founder of Nerd For A Living. I've always been excited to help others learn more about how to make their geeky career goals a reality through our family of podcasts and programming at pop culture conventions. Along the way, I've discovered incredible artists and entrepreneurs producing things I now wear and use every day.

During this holiday season, I want to share with you some of my favorite items being made by incredible geeky artists and makers that would be awesome gifts for the always busy, nerd-ily ambitious folks in your life. What's better than buying gifts made by a "nerd for a living" than buying them for a "nerd for a living" (and probably giving your friends and family their favorite gift this year too)?! Here are six of my favorite products.

Mornings Are For Coffee and Contemplation Tank

We all know that hitting the snooze button can be tempting and that, sometimes, the day needs to start a little slower. This fun, comfy tank from Jordandené says everything for those days when you need to take a few minutes and ponder your plan for the day ahead (while musing over if we'll see more of Chief Hopper's dancing skills in the third season of Stranger Things.)

Donuts Book Sleeve

Photo via Book Beau

Photo via Book Beau


Donuts make the world go around, right? Or is that just my world? Regardless, most of the writers I know are also heavy readers – which makes these handmade, protective sleeves by Book Beau a great gift for reading on the go in style. Plus, they come in multiple sizes, protecting everything from hardcover novels to your e-readers and even iPads in case some work needs to get done between the pages.

Ruby Slippers Nail Wraps

Confession – the busier I am, the more I ignore my nails. This is one of the many reasons I love nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics, especially for special occasions. The shiny, festive Ruby Slippers nail wraps can be applied in just a few minutes and you’re ready for any holiday happy hour or office party. If you want to give someone a design that flashes a bit more with fandom flare, try their Wonder Gal wraps!

Circuit Board Leggings

No hyperbole, these are the perfect leggings for travel and the best I've ever owned. Bombsheller leggings are lightweight, moisture wicking, and durable. Honestly, they have so many fab features I can't name them all. As someone who travels for business often, these have become a must-have for maximum comfort while catching the next flight.

You're Just as Sane as I am Journal

I'm a bit of a journal hoarder. I like to keep one in every bag I have since you never know when the moment of inspiration will strike. This particular journal from The Colorful Geek makes me smile in stressful moments, since there are plenty of times as an entrepreneur that I question my sanity.  

Silver Custom Mantra Cuff Bracelet  

"You are enough." That's my current mantra – one I'm trying to remember every day. That's why I love the idea of looking down at my wrist, and seeing that message looking back at me in this stylish cuff bracelet by Bang-Up Betty. Share the mantra you want on the cuff and give a thoughtful gift that could make every day a little brighter for whoever receives it.  

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