Holiday Gift Guide: 7 stylish gifts for STEM geeks

Do you know someone who can’t get enough of motherboards, loves working in a lab, or is always on the watch for the latest scientific discoveries? If you do, then why not help them show their love for STEM wherever they go with a gift this year that lets them effortlessly add their passion to anything they choose to wear!

Whether they’re headed to work or just meeting you to hang out, there are many ways they can enjoy some STEM style. Cosmetics, jewelry, and much more provide options for adding a touch of their favorite field, equation, or even scientist to their look.

Here are seven fashionable gifts to consider for the STEM geek in your life.

Scientist Earring Set

Photo via ModCloth

Photo via ModCloth


This ModCloth set comes with three pairs of earrings: beakers, atoms, and protractors. They have just the right hint of color to be fun but still rather subtle. Since it comes with three pairs, you can even mix them up to wear a beaker and atom one day or an atom and protractor another!

Shiro Multisticks

Celebrate some of the greatest women of science with the multisticks at Shiro Cosmetics. These balms can be used for lips or face and are available in a variety of colors. They are inspired by women like mathematician Katherine Johnson, chemist and physicist Marie Curie, astronomer Caroline Herschel, and experimental physicist Chien-Shiung Wu.

Subscription Box

Why buy one thing when you can buy a whole science fashion themed box as a gift? Sci Chic still has some remaining subscription boxes from 2017 available for kids and adults with themes like coding and anatomy. In each box you can get necklaces, pins, rings, earrings, and other items. 

In the Lab Long Sleeve Shirt*


ThinkGeek’s In the Lab button-down is a great way to bring some chemistry into your daily routine. The purple cotton shirt features molecules, flasks, and more that will make it obvious to those who recognize the symbols that your interests have a scientific bent.

*Disclosure: This link is an affiliate. If you make a purchase, we may earn a commission.

Solar System Bracelet

Space geeks can have the whole solar system around their wrist with this beautiful bracelet. There’s even a fun option for whether or not you want Pluto added to the mix!

Fibonacci Bag

Photo via Shenova

Photo via Shenova


This bag from Shenova is the perfect present for the mathematician you know who’s always on the go! It displays the Fibonacci sequence in a great design and has enough room to pack for wherever travels may take you. Plus, in case you were wondering, they have a dress to match too!

“Up to Code” Circuits Headband

Photo via Princess Awesome

Photo via Princess Awesome


Do you know a techie that lives and breathes coding? This is a great accessory for those who can’t stop talking about circuits! It’s the perfect addition to any outfit whether they’re an adult or a kid who dreams of engineering.

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