Review: Kipling’s Alice in Wonderland tea party ellettronico pouch

Photo by Lisa Granshaw

Photo by Lisa Granshaw

Kipling was one of many companies that partnered with Disney for Snow White’s 80th anniversary, releasing a range of bags inspired by the classic cartoon, but that was just the start of their collaboration. Their second line was launched this month and highlights another Disney classic, Alice in Wonderland. The colorful collection features everything from backpacks to pouches and designs that take inspiration from various aspects of the film. Looking at what was available made me quite curious about the pieces and after seeing one of the ellettronico pouches up close I can’t help but think an item from this line would be perfect for the Alice in Wonderland fan in your life whether it’s their birthday or unbirthday!

Photo by Lisa Granshaw

Photo by Lisa Granshaw

The sample I received (disclosure: this pouch was provided by Kipling for review) was the ellettronico pouch in the tea party design. This design is subtler in its Alice in Wonderland inspiration than some of the others. The front features flowers prominently and if you look closely, tea cups and tea pots as well.

These aspects aren’t on the back, though the circles with the name Alice in them do appear there as well as in the background on the front. There are other designs more obviously Alice in their look if you want a bag that is more noticeably Disney at first glance, however if you want something more under the radar this design is perfect. Other Alice elements are the zipper pull, which is in the shape of a key hole, and a cute design of Alice on the inside.

The pouch also features some recognizable elements of the brand, such as the logo on the front and a monkey keychain attached. According to Kipling’s website, each monkey is named after an associate from around the world. Each name is on the monkey’s tag. I had no idea about this element of Kipling until I looked into it further, and found it to be a rather cute and fun addition to the bag. (My monkey was named Alyssa by the way.) The monkey can be removed so you don’t have to carry it around with you if you don’t want to.

The bag itself is a rather good size. Inside it has two slip pockets and one zipper pocket. It can expand a bit too so you can fit a surprising number of items inside. I have a rather big heavy wallet and usually with pouches or wristlets I don’t even attempt to fit it inside them.


Here though I was able to fit it and a few other items! It does make it rather heavy to carry on its own so I don’t think I’ll carry the bag with my wallet, but it was still impressive. You can clearly use the pouch on its own or as a way to keep items together in a larger bag. The wristlet strap is easily removable.

I don’t tend to use wristlets on their own often, but the size of this one has me thinking it could hold much more than the other ones I’ve used so it might be worth a try sometime. Besides that though, I can see this as a very helpful pouch to use within my larger bags that can hold up and hold a good deal as it keeps me organized while adding a bit of colorful Disney to my things this spring.

After seeing the pouch in person, I’m looking forward to seeing what other collections Disney and Kipling have planned next!  

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