Geekfold heralds


Are you ready for your first quest?

Since starting GeekFold, we’ve relied on word of mouth for our community to grow. We are honored that you’re willing to spread the word about our newsletter!

To help continue the spirit of sharing, we want to offer you another way to participate in the GeekFold community. We are thrilled to introduce the Herald Program.

Once you’ve won a spot among the Heralds, you’ll be able to choose to take part in quests. Move up the ranks by completing quests which may qualify you for potential rewards and unique opportunities. We want our Heralds to have fun, make a difference, and feel empowered as we grow together.

Will you take up the first quest, loyal readers, and become a Herald? You must already be subscribed to our newsletter to participate. Sign up below and share your unique referral link. When one person has signed up for GeekFold using your link, you’ll officially be a Herald!

Secure your place in the ranks of the GeekFold Heralds by clicking the purple button on the left!

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