GeekFold CEO, Lisa Granshaw   (Photo credit: Jing Hu)

GeekFold CEO, Lisa Granshaw  (Photo credit: Jing Hu)


About GeekFold


GeekFold was started in 2017 by writer Lisa Granshaw with the goal of helping people keep up with news about the growing geek fashion industry.

As more companies create geek fashion and more media outlets cover the area, it can be hard to stay informed. Our mission is to make it simple to catch up on the latest, most essential news from the week by summing up what happened in our newsletter while also providing original coverage.

GeekFold’s original work strives to deliver regular in-depth features, a gap in current geek fashion coverage. Inspired by Lisa’s experience professionally covering the geek fashion industry and her personal passion as a fan, GeekFold aims to not only inform but also connect those passionate about geek fashion.

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