ThinkGeek comments on the BioWare Store


When we shared in our newsletter the news about the BioWare Store's massive sale and store closure as it parted ways with its store partner, we received questions about what this might mean for the relationship between ThinkGeek and BioWare. The BioWare Store and a few other online video game shops including Bethesda used to be hosted by ThinkGeek (who acquired the previous company Treehouse Brand Stores which became ThinkGeek Solutions/ThinkGeek Denver.) Fans don't have to worry though. When asked about the situation via email, Jeff Burchett, Sr. Director of Marketing at ThinkGeek, told GeekFold the following:

"We have an ongoing licensing agreement with BioWare and are proud of the work our teams have accomplished together. We have no plans to sever our connection with them nor any of the other partners we have cultivated relationships with over the years. We love games and are thrilled to be able to collaborate with some of the coolest games companies working today on great and innovative products, and we look forward to doing that for a long time to come."

When asked it they would have any part in the redesign or new website operations once the store returned, Burchett replied with this comment: "As of 4/25/18, Bethesda has assumed control of their online store operations. We're excited to continue our licensing partnership with Bethesda, and we at ThinkGeek will continue to focus on developing unique, must-have products based on Bethesda's many great properties."

While ThinkGeek may no longer be involved in the operations of these stores, they will still be creating products with these brands which is great to hear. ThinkGeek and Treehouse before them produced some of the best video game fashion available and we're excited to see what they do in the future!

BioWare/EA did not respond to a request for comment about the store closure.


Lisa GranshawComment